Canal Maps

Two useful Maps of The Grand Western Canal

If you're looking for things to do in Devon, the Grand Western Canal is a great choice. Below you'll find two really useful and downloadable maps of the Tiverton Canal which is near both Exeter and Taunton.

Map 1.

PDF Map of the Horse-Drawn Barge Attraction in Tiverton.

Click on the below MAP to view large PDF Map.

Tiverton Canal Co Map of Canal Wharf

This Map shows: The Tiverton Basin, Horse-Drawn Barge, Hire Boats, Duck's Ditty Bar, Canal Shop, Children's play park, Visitor Centre, Tea Gardens, Main Car-park and Toilets.

Map 2.

The full 11 miles of Grand Western Canal in detail.

From: Tiverton to Lowdwells Lock. (Open and Navigable)

Click on the map below to view large PDF Map.

The Grand Western Canal Map

This Map shows: Towpath, Roads, Canal Bridges, Canal Attractions, Slipway, Train station, pubs and Parking etc in the 11 mile length of the Canal.

The Grand Western Canal has a Great Facebook Page

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