Meet Our Horses

Meet Our Horses


Alan Palmer, Our Horseman

Lauren (Our Horseman)


Brindley (Shire)


Ross (Shire)

Hi, I'm Ross, the baby of the group, but the biggest of them all, as I'm a Shire horse. We are reputed be the biggest breed of heavy horse and I stand 17.1 hs high and was born in June 2005.  Unlike the traditional Shires that pulled the drays for the brewerys, I have a unique romany nose.


Taffy (Welsh Cob Sec .D.)

By far our most famous heavy horse, was Taffy, as he featured in the winning photograph for the BBC Countryfile Calendar for Children in Need 2012. Raising £1,234,577.00 for the children's charity.
Taffy also pulled the historic coal boat in the 200 year celebrations of the Grand Western Canal in 2014. 

Taffy stood at just 15hs and born in January 1998. he was a Welsh Cob Section D x Shire. Welsh Cobs are well know for our strength, hardiness, agility and good looks!!
Taffy very sadly past away in 2016.


With Ray Brind (Philip Brind's father)
and our Colies Meg, Jess & Winnie.















Gorge (Welsh Cob Sec .D.)






Ruby (Clydesdale)

Ruby, was our lovely mere, at 16.1 H, She was a Clydesdale and has a truly lovely temperament and loved her work and the people she met along the canal. Clydesdale is the old name for Lanarkshire from where these beautful heavy horses come from near the river Clyde. Ruby now has a lovely home in Cornwall. 2017 - 2019





Dandy (Clysdedale)

Dandy's breed is Clysdedale, 16.1hs and was born in January 1999. This type of horse is normally seen in the Household Cavalry carrying the big drums, they are a rare breed now and classified as 'at risk' by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, but Dandy is also rare himself, because of his two blue eyes and unique colour: "red roan".

(Dandy no longer works at Tiverton
Canal Co)



With Phil's Dog Meg









We our currentley up-dating and editing this page with our Heavy Horses and our Horses from the past... 2021.