Grand Western Canal

Grand Western Canal

The Grand Western Canal is one of the hidden gems of the Mid Devon countryside. The Tiverton Canal (as it is informally known to locals) is owned and run by Devon County Council as a Country Park & Local Nature Reserve for its' full 11 miles.

Besides our own dogs and horses, that spend much of their time on or near the towpath, the Grand Western Canal is a local nature reserve filled with wildlife and offers plenty to do and see. While the canal is certainly 'Great', it's official name is 'Grand', but we can understand why some would call it the Great Western Canal by mistake!

With free access to the canal all year round, walkers, cyclists, anglers and boat enthusiasts can enjoy 11 miles of quiet and unspoilt waterway that will lead you through Devon's beautiful countryside. Make sure that you don't forget your camera!

The canal winds its' way majestically from the Canal Basin in Tiverton, going under numerous bridges including East Manley and Tiverton Road Bridge, over the aquaduct, past Ayshford Chapel, Samford Peverell and Greenwood bridge picnic site among other local landmarks as it snakes its' way to end at Lowdwells Lock. (We have created a 'not to scale' downloadable Grand Western Canal Map PDF if it helps)

We have also compiled a history of the Grand Western Canal.

For more Grand Western Canal visitors information, see the Devon County Council canal visitors information page.

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Hire Canadian Canoes and Rowing Boats

One of the best (if not the very best) ways to explore the Grand Western Canal is by hiring one of our boats (Canadian Canoes or Rowing Boats) or taking a Horse-Drawn barge trip.

Find out how you can hire rowing boats or canadian canoes on Tiverton Canal.

For more info about boating on the Devon County Council website.


From ducks, swans, badgers and foxes to fish, insects and plant life, the Grand Western Canal is a fascinating place to observe and experience wildlife and nature first hand.


As the canal is fed by freshwater springs, there is a world of life beneath the surface of the water and plenty of freshwater fish that thrive here: trench, perch, rudd, roach, breem and pike.

Walking along the Tiverton Canal

Enjoy 11 miles of towpath and unspoilt waterway on foot, winding through the Mid Devon countryside.


Explore the fasinating wildlife and history that the canal towpath has to offer on a bike with family friends or in your own company.