Coach Tour Operators

Coach Tour Operators

On this page we've put together information for Coach Tour Operators wishing to book coach groups on the Horse Drawn Barge at Tiverton Canal Co.

Alternatively if you are interested in a group bookings, please see information here, or if you are a member of the public, see the information here.

For more general information about the Tiverton Horse Drawn Barge, see here...

Coach Tour Reservations 15-50 People on a Public Trip

Groups on Public Trips

    April to October 2024
Departure Length of Trip 15+ Adults (per person fare)
11.30 am 1.5 Hr £ 17.45
2.15 pm 1.5 Hr £ 18.40
2.15 pm 2.5 Hr £ 19.55

Private Hire

  April to October 2024
Departure Up to 30 Passengers

31-60 Passengers (per person fare)

11.30 am - 1.5 Hr £ 562.50 £ 18.75
2.15 pm - 1.5 Hr £ 591.00 £ 19.70
2.15 pm - 2.5 Hr £ 625.50 £ 20.85

Having chosen your date, please give us a call (01884 253345) to ensure the horse-drawn barge is available.  Your date can then be provisionally reserved for 10 days.

Please download our GROUP BOOKING FORM and see Timetable for more details.


You can find more general information about the Horse Drawn Barge here...

We Highly Recommend...

Enhancing your visit  by allowing time to look around the Canal Visitor Centre and the old stable Gift Shop before or following the trip.