News: Brindley Completes His Training

News: Brindley Completes His Training

Date Added: 14/07/2023 @ 3:09pm

Brindley as a foal (or yearling)Just a quick post to let you all know Brindley has done really well with his training...

He is such a happy horse, and very much enjoys pulling the horse-drawn barge and meeting people at either end of the trip. Sadly his barge training was delayed due to covid... He started pulling our empty barge in 2021 and has progressed to taking passengers.

We are all so proud of him... As many of you will already know we have had him from a foal (yearling) and to witness his progression over this time has been a truly wonderful experience.

Very Well Done Brindley! 😍

Brindley (All Grown up in 2023)

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